The driver of a hire car had his vehicle seized after tailgating a police car and driving along the hard shoulder during an accident.

Police in Rossendale were heading to a crash on the A56 on Friday afternoon.

Traffic was slowing on the road, with congestion building in the immediate area due to the incident.

Officers, who were in the vehicle travelling on blue lights, noticed a car directly behind them, brazenly following them, trying to beat the traffic.

The police also noted that a member of the public had been in touch to report the motorist for driving along the hard shoulder.

A spokesperson for the police said: "The driver of this hire vehicle tried to beat the traffic on the A56 by following a police on blue lights which was attending an RTC further up the road, which was the reason why traffic had built up.

"Members of the public also reported he had been driving along the hard shoulder.

"Vehicle seized s59 and returned to hire company.

"Please be patient in traffic."