A wedding venue manager said she was 'better off closed' than hosting weddings under the current restrictions and is concerned as fears rise that June re-opening may be delayed.

The events industry has been hit hard by the pandemic and as event’s organisers have been preparing to see events go ahead without restrictions from June 21, rising infection rates in East Lancashire are throwing concern to re-opening.

The Olde England Kiosk in Sunnyhurst Wood is run by manager Donna Tustin said that, although being thankful to be welcoming wedding parties again, she was better off closed than working under the current restrictions.

Donna said: “We were better off closed with the grants then we are in this step now.

“The grants covered everything whereas now there’s not a lot of profit in doing it for 30 people.

“We are making less now than we were when we were getting the grants each week.”

The venue hosts a wedding every Saturday and Donna is fully booked until December.

Despite ministers still stating there is no reason not to go ahead with June 21 opening, scientists are concerned that given the impact the new variant is having on hospital admissions, this may need to be delayed.

Donna said that if she did have to delay any weddings because of this it may lead to more cancellations.

She added: “I’d be cancelling them again.

“For some brides, the night party is so a big part of what they want that some of them have already said they won’t go ahead if they can’t have the night party side of it.”

Elsewhere in Mellor, Stanley House Hotel and Spa is also hoping that the restrictions will be lifted in some manner on June 21 with weddings booked every weekend with larger parties.

The hotel is worried that if restrictions are extended that some bridal parties may cancel weddings if they are unable to re-schedule a suitable date which will be a difficult task due to the volume of bookings.

General Manager Simon Tauber said: “We fear we could lose some weddings as a result of it.

“We are very flexible as a venue and we would do all we can to make sure they can have the wedding they want.

“Ultimately, due to our dates selling, we would struggle to accommodate all those weddings really.”

Many of the brides and grooms that are booked for the next few weeks at Stanley House Hotel and Spa have already postponed their wedding, many of whom on multiple occasions, due to restrictions posed by the virus.

Simon added: “The majority of weddings coming up are weddings that have been moved, some by a few months and some which were supposed to go ahead last year.

“I can only imagine what they will be going through at the moment planning their big day with the numbers they are hoping for.

“We are respectful of the guidance of course but it is playing with peoples emotions and it’s not what you want when you are planning a wedding – it’s supposed to be a happy event.”

Currently, weddings are only able to operate with 30 people however people must remain seated with table service only.