The death of a two-month-old baby boy was recorded as unexplained, after he was found unresponsive on his mother's bed having not long been fed.

An inquest at Accrington Town Hall on Friday heard that Edward Gavin Billy Whalley, also known as Eddie, was a healthy two-month-old with no underlying conditions or defects.

On the evening of May 14 2020, Eddie had fed well and slept well, and had woken on Friday May 15 at around 6am.

Coroner Mark Williams told the inquest that because she was feeling unwell and tired, mum, Jenna Whalley, 36, had asked her teenage daughter to look after Eddie for a few hours, while she tried to get some more sleep.

Ms Whalley's daughter took Eddie into her room, where he remained until around 11am.

Mr Williams said: "Eddie was taken back into Jenna's room at around 11am as he needed feeding.

"He was on the bed next to his mum while she fed him, which Jenna said in her statement was normal.

"Jenna then heard a knock at the door and went downstairs, leaving Eddie on the bed, his head on a flat pillow.

"When she came back up to the bedroom, she checked on him, saw he was fine and so went to the toilet and had a cigarette."

It was heard that when Ms Whalley returned to her bedroom she saw Eddie had a strange substance coming from his nose which looked like a mixture of milk formula and was coloured pink, suggesting there was also blood coming from his nose.

Mr Williams said she called his name and tried to rouse him but he was unresponsive, although still warm to touch.

An ambulance was called and CPR was initiated by Ms Whalley, with her statement saying that upon commencement, more fluid came from her baby's nose.

Mr Williams continued: "Eddie was taken to Royal Blackburn Hospital around 12.57pm and CPR was continued for around 22 minutes, but sadly he was pronounced dead at 1.19pm."

A post-mortem examination showed nothing untoward, and toxicology taken from Ms Whalley came back negative.

In a statement from Home Office Pathologist, Dr Charles Wilson, he explained that he could not offer a medical cause of death as natural causes or sudden infant death syndrome as there was also the prospect that unsafe sleeping could have contributed to Eddie's death, although this was never confirmed or suggested by Ms Whalley.

He therefore offered a medical cause of death as unascertained.

Mr Williams, in concluding the inquest said: "A cause of death has been offered as unascertained. This is not a classic co-sleeping death; there was no evidence that Jenna was even sleeping when Eddie went back into her room, and there was no evidence that she had led on him.

"As the pathologist cannot provide me with a natural cause I will record an open conclusion and say Eddie died at Royal Blackburn Hospital on May 15 having been discovered in a lifeless condition on his mother's bed at their home in Accrington Road, Blackburn."