Children have been swimming in a disused quarry area as police ask parents to remind children of the dangers of open water.

Colne and West Craven police say that they have received information that children have been swimming in the water of a disused quarry near Colne Golf Club.

A spokesperson for the police said: “Now that the weather is finally warming up, we understand how tempting it might be to go for a swim, but we ask you to please remind your children of the dangers of open water.

"We really do not want to have to attend any reports of children getting in to difficulty in this type of situation as the consequences are, all too often, tragic.”

This comes after about 100 people were swimming on Monday in Jamestone Quarry in Haslingden on Monday.

They continued: “Here are some bonus tips for staying safe around water: Never swim anywhere with a no swimming sign.

“Never swim if you have been drinking alcohol or using drugs.

“Never allow children to swim unsupervised in rivers, quarries or lakes.”