A LEADING law firm has announced the launch of a new charity foundation.

Blackburn-based Napthens, says that the charity will support causes across the North West that are important to the business and its workforce.

As such the Napthens Foundations aims to raise £15,000 in its first year in order to provide relief to those in need by reason of education, youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage.

Napthens HR and operations manager Nicola Mason said: "Napthens has been a long-standing supporter of many local charities, with our teams across the North West coming together to support important local causes.

"Many of our annual fundraising events, such as our clay pigeon shoots and cheese and wine events have become key dates in the calendar that our internal teams, clients and charity partners look forward to each year.

"The creation of this foundation will align our charitable efforts and make the greatest impact possible."

Inaugural appointees to the foundation’s committee, set to be reviewed on an annual basis, are made up of a mix of employees from across Napthens’ various regional offices, which can also be found Blackpool, Preston, Southport, Kendal and Penrith.

The committee will include Ms Mason, as well as Clare Lennon from Charities Trust, who has also joined the committee, as part of the firm's partnership with the Charities Trust to administer the foundation.

Planning is underway to create a calendar of events for the foundation, while Napthens itself will support the foundation, through donations, help with event organisation, fundraising or promotion of events.

Napthens CEO Shru Morris said: "Relationships are at the heart of everything we do at Napthens and we always look to engage with stakeholders on a deeper level, ensuring we make a real difference to our communities across the North West, the Napthens Foundation will help us take this to new heights."