East Lancashire pub owners have spoken out about a problem plaguing the hospitality industry after more than 150 people failed to show up for bookings over a single weekend.

On Friday May 21, just four days after opening for indoor drinking and dining, the Aspinall Arms in Clitheroe said 56 people failed to turn up for pre-booked tables, with a further 77 people not attending the following day, and 60 failing to show on the Sunday.

The pub's managers say while they understand people's plans may change at the last minute, it was frustrating to see tables left empty, especially as they were having to turn people away due to being fully booked.

Posting on their Facebook page, a spokesperson for the Mitton Road pub said: "Last Friday we had 56 covers not turn up, on Saturday 77, and Sunday 60 covers were also 'no shows'.

"We understand that plans change and people have booked multiple tables around the area as back-ups for their day out, but please, if you can't make it, try and let us know.

"We're fully booked most days at the moment, and we're having to turn walk-ins away, especially when the weather isn't great and we can't make use of our outside space as much as we'd like to.

"So it's really frustrating when tables are left empty, and we could have given the tables to a walk in."

Pub bosses said if diners were unable to get through on the phone to cancel their table, they could always send an email or a message on social media to let them know; alternatively they directed people to the cancellation link on their booking confirmation email.

Many people took to social media to suggest the pub should take deposits from people when making a booking, calling those who failed to cancel 'selfish and disrespectful'.

The spokesperson added: "We have never taken deposits, although it is of course one way to combat the issue.

"However, it does add a huge increase to the admin around bookings.

"Also we really don't want to take the fun out of just popping down to your local for a pint and a bite to eat.

"The issue is industry-wide and hopefully it will calm down after a few weeks, but hopefully we can help spread some awareness as I'm sure smaller venues are really hard hit by this.

"On a positive note, everyone turned up for their table yesterday which is lovely. And finally, the sun is due to shine this weekend so there will be plenty of space for everyone."