MORE than 300 licensed taxi vehicles have taken up the offer of a fitted screen, to protect both drivers and passengers.

Jemshad Ahmed, one of the Trade Representative for Hyndburn Taxis, said: “It has been an incredibly difficult year for the industry and these screens are a big help towards keeping drivers, their families and passengers safe.

"On behalf of taxi drivers in Hyndburn I would like to say thank you to the local community for their continued support and thank you to Hyndburn Council for this offer of protective screens.”

The screens offered to all licensed Taxis in Hyndburn have been funded by the ‘Hyndburn Community Champions Initiative’, awarded from the Ministry of Housing and Local Government after a successful bid from Hyndburn Borough Council.

The funding aims to help Hyndburn on the road to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cllr Miles Parkinson OBE, Leader of Hyndburn Borough Council said: “Our taxi drivers have worked throughout the pandemic offering an essential service and I am really pleased we have been able to offer every single driver a fitted screen. Over 300 drivers so far have taken us up on this offer which is fantastic.

“The screens are purchased and installed at no cost to the driver and hopefully will increase customer confidence in our local services, especially as we begin to re-open hospitality and leisure throughout Hyndburn.”

The screens not only act as a protective barrier between the front and rear of the vehicle, they also provide a ‘pocket’ to display a flyer. Currently screens are displaying Hyndburn Hub information, which gives people vital information about where they can get urgent support if they are struggling.