A LOCAL photographer has captured an incredible image of Blacko Tower, and has made it into an animation.

Lee Mansfield, from Burnley, took the photograph of the Pendle landmark with the moon approximately 98 per cent lit behind it.

Using innovative techniques he was also able to create an animation of the moon setting.

Lancashire Telegraph:

The moon setting behind Blacko Tower

Mr Mansfield said: "I have also created an 85 image animation compressed into a GIF animation speeded up showing the full Moon set.

"You don’t see many photographers doing animations, this one is 85 photos taken at 10 second interval."

Mr Mansfiled had previously captured an image of Blacko Tower a month ago on April 26, which shows the tower with a stunning shot of an orange tinged 95 per cent full moon behind it.

Lancashire Telegraph:

An earlier photograph of Blacko Tower taken by Lee Mansfield on April 26

He said: "The moon can have an orange colour at any time of the year it's called atmospheric distortion as the moon is very low to the horizon."

To find out more about Lee Mansfield's work, go to: https://leemansfield.co.uk/.