A celebrity chef and a North West gin-maker have teamed up to launch a new pink gin which will be sold in supermarkets across Lancashire.

Tappers Gin, based in Merseyside have collaborated with Sunday Brunch presenter, Simon Rimmer to launch Tickled Pink Gin in Booths Supermarkets.

Tickled Pink is a traditional compounded gin prepared with all-natural ingredients including Tappers signature botanicals with rose and hibiscus providing a delicate flavour in a subtle pink liquid.

Tickled Pink Gin

Tickled Pink Gin

Delighted with the result, Simon Rimmer said: “Since joining the Tappers family in 2020 we’ve worked hard to create a pink gin that we all love.

"Inspired by our mutual passions for incredible ingredients and flavours, Tickled Pink Gin is made with Provence red rose petals and hibiscus flowers.

"An all-natural rose hue reflects the traditional method of cold-compounding, lending a delicately sweet and floral flavour.”

Since 2016, The Tappers Gin family-run distillery has been reviving the art of gin at their seaside home on the Wirral Peninsula.

Simon Rimmer and Steve Tapril from Tappers Gin

Simon Rimmer and Steve Tapril from Tappers Gin

Independent through and through, Tappers are dedicated to handcrafting distinctly complex gins that stay true to that delicate art.

Founder Steve Tapril thoroughly enjoyed creating this pink edition with Simon, and said: “It was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with Simon to produce this fantastic addition to the Tappers range.

"Simon shares our love for great ingredients and great flavour and so of course it's only natural that Tickled Pink has both.”

Launching this month, Tickled Pink Gin by Simon Rimmer will be available at tappersgin.com and Booths Supermarkets booths.co.uk.

All Tappers Gin products are registered with The Vegan Society.