A SECOND customer has come forward and said that ‘contaminated’ fuel from an Asda petrol station has caused her car to be written off.

Dawn Hilton says that damage done to her car has cost her up to £8,000 after the vehicle had to be written off after she bought petrol from the Accrington Asda store on Hyndburn Road.

Her case has been similar to that of Chris Pilkington, who she contacted on social media, and who has said previously that damage done to his vehicle by contaminated fuel cost him thousands of pounds in van repairs while also costing him money by leaving him unable to trade.

Ms Hilton said: “This fuel problem isn’t a new thing. If you Google ‘Asda fuel contamination’ you’ll see that this has been going on up and down the country.

“Me and Chris, between us we have lost £14,000.

“I’m on my third car now and it’s just ridiculous.”

She added: “I’ve got receipts for Asda fuel for the past few years.”

In Mr Pilkington’s case, he says that he had found that the fuel he bought was a mixture of petrol, diesel and water.

He has said he has been served contaminated fuel twice by the supermarket, the first time in December 2020 and again in March this year.

Ms Hilton says she then made contact with Mr Pilkington on social media after he had posted about his problem and when she realised that she had refuelled at the same store just two days before.

She says that she had most recently noticed a problem after buying fuel from the branch on March 8, just two days after Mr Pilkington had filled up.

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Ms Hilton subsequently complained to the store but says that she has not been satisfied by the response.

She said: “I only started to get action from them on March 24 when I said I was setting up tents and protesting outside Asda. “I just don’t want this to happen to anybody else.”

Asda has declined to comment on this second case, however the chain said that it had not received any legal claims from either Ms Hilton or Mr Pilkington.

The company also said it had not received any other claims for damages to cars that have filled up at the Accrington site, and each time they have tested the fuel had not found any issues.