An employment company which helps disabled people find jobs and gain skills has launched a new disability logo to make it more representative.

Access Ability Community Interest Company, based in Blackburn, has launched a second company, Dis-labelled, creating a logo which they say is more inclusive of all people with a disability.

A logo of the letter D with a tick going through it is being used by the company in place of the wheelchair sign which was designed in the 1960s to make the logo which recognises those who have less visible disabilities.

Director Emma O’Connor said: “We have worked with people with disabilities and we listen to the challenges they face with non-visible disabilities.

“We decided that lockdown was the perfect time to try and raise awareness around the barriers we have seen people face.

“We got together and designed a new logo and T-shirts and badges to raise awareness and funds for activities and projects that people with disabilities and people in the community can access.”

Access Ability has been running for 10 years and offers training courses and assistance to those with disabilities find jobs and works with workplaces to make them more inclusive.

Dis-labelled went online in March 2021 to sell clothing and items which raise awareness, promote inclusion and raise money.

This is then put back into the company to help them in their work.

The company has been established and is run by people who have disabilities that want to work with companies to bring about positive changes.

They offer work experience for people with disabilities in various areas such as making the clothing, getting it ready to be shipped as well as working on the social media and marketing for the company.

Emma added: “Since we launched, we have hired two people who have disabilities themselves.

“Not only did we want to create employment but we wanted to get the message out there about these non-visible disabilities.”