FARMERS need to be sure of their market in order to make money in 2008.

That's the message from an East Lancashire farming chief.

National Farmers' Union livestock chairman, Thomas Binns, who farms at Downham in the Ribble Valley, believes movement restrictions imposed because of foot and mouth disease and bluetongue have highlighted the precarious situation which livestock farmers face.

Mr Binns believes livestock producers can make a profit, even amidst the disease outbreaks that made 2007 a year to forget.

He said: "I am convinced there is sufficient value within the red meat supply chain for farmers to receive a fair price for what they produce.

"This price should not only cover the cost of production but provide sufficient income to allow business to reinvest.

"Farmers need to understand the supply chains within which they are working, what the market wants and how much it will cost to produce it."