COUNCILLORS will debate a call for government action on 'highly dangerous' nitrous oxide canisters.

Brierfield West and Reedley's Labour Councillor Mohammed Hanif says the items, known as 'hippy crack' are often found empty and discarded across many areas of Pendle.

He wants the government to regulate the sale of the canisters of the substance, also called laughing gas, which are used in catering and cooking to help make whipped cream.

Cllr Hanif has put down a motion for Pendle Borough's Full Council meeting on Thursday next week.

It reads: "Many areas in Pendle are covered with small nitrous oxide canisters/balloons from where people have been using these and subsequently leaving the discarded rubbish.

"This is not only a blight on the local environment, it is a highly dangerous drug that can have serious impact.

"Council resolves:

* to ask that government looks into regulation and licensing for the purchases of these canisters for intended use for cooking and use in a commercial kitchen environment; and

* to write to HM Government to highlight the use of nitrous oxide for recreational purposes. It is highly dangerous and is incredibly cheap and widely accessible."