A PRIMARY school shared a poignant photograph of some of their pupils with their caring parents to celebrate International Nurse Day.

Teachers from Belthorn Academy shared the photograph on social media yesterday to 'thank' their family members for caring for people especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Year One teacher Kate Sutcliffe says nurses are at the heart of their school with a quarter of their pupils having family members who are working at the Royal Blackburn Hospital.

She said: "We are just down the road from the Royal Blackburn Hospital and have a lot of parents who are nurses and doctors.

"That is reflected in our daily life as our breakfast club starts half an hour earlier than others and it starts at 7.15am so those on the early shift can get to work and not worry.

"We try to be a wraparound service for them and it saves them rushing around.

"We have quite a lot of links with the hospital as we sent Christmas cards to the patients and in the past we have gone down singing.

"When things settle down with the pandemic we are hoping to take some coffees down to support the nurses and patients."

School bosses added they are also planning to run a special open day in the autumn with special times for prospective parents who are nurses and doctors to attend.

Kate said: "We really appreciate and are supportive of our parents.

"They are an inspiration to children to be caring especially what they have done in the past year. "The children have been through a lot with things being disjointed but the parents and family members have been great to support the kids and we are coming through stronger.

"We have a lot of keyworker family members too and we have done posts celebrating them.

"We know they must have been tired with what they have been doing but they are still doing a great job.

"It is so nice to see so many caring faces from mums to dads and grandparents and other family members on the post and it brings us closer together."

Meanwhile, the Lancashire Telegraph asked their readers for their messages of support for their family members who are nurses.

Carrie Wilkinson from Blackburn sent in a photo of her alongside the ICU team at Blackburn.

She said: "Incredibly proud of the team on Blackburn Critical care.

"(They are) Working hard to deliver the highest standard of care whilst under extremely difficult and heartbreaking circumstances. A team of real life heroes."

Lorraine Blackledge from Little Harwood was proud of her daughter Keleigh Smith.

She said: "So proud of my daughter was on the Covid wards at Royal Blackburn Hospital she has worked tirelessly along with all the other NHS staff."

Ann Hall on Facebook posted: "Well done to all the nursing staff you have all gone above and beyond, and you all deserve a decent pay rise, for your dedication to your vocational work that you do."

Neil Daniel Swinhoe posted: "Well done to all nurses and doctors working hard to keep Covid under control. #massiverespect"

Hannah Jones added: "Linda Hobson - you are a strong, beautiful, amazing women. Thank you for everything you do."

Sharon Taylor said: "I praise all nurses especially Lorraine Brown, Ruby Joyce, Maria Grazia Macrì and Lindsey Margaret the list goes on."

Jamie Woodruff said: "Julie Hartley. The friendliest and nicest person ever. During lockdown last year a little boy was choking on our close. She came straight out her house and into the other persons house to help the boy, Always going out the way for people."