A newly elected councillor has spoken out after mounds of rubbish has been dumped on a Blackburn street overnight.

Cllr Altaf (Tiger) Patel said he had joined 15 volunteers on Sunday to collect rubbish from the streets of Audley.

They had placed the bags for collection on Bentley Street. But within the past 24 hours more rubbish had been dumped on the same spot.

Cllr Patel said: “We collected the bags of rubbish and put them there for collection. The volunteers worked really hard and I am proud of their efforts.

“But overnight people have been coming and dumping loads more of their own rubbish here “There is household furniture, fridges, carpets and suitcases which have been all dumped. We don’t think it is people around here but from other places.

“I would tell everyone that the recycling centre is open and this could be taken there.

“The Council takes 2 to 5 days to remove this rubbish so please can people use the recycling centre for rubbish like this.”

The recycling centres are now fully operational and only closed on Wednesdays. Residents will need to bring a form of ID to use the centre.