A DRUG user stole his sister-in-law's bracelet while she was on holiday because he was "skint."

Blackburn magistrates heard Shane Casey lived with the victim and his brother and because of their concerns they had padlocked the bedroom door before they went away.

Casey, 27, of Thornbank Crescent, Bacup, pleaded guilty to theft of a Pandora bracelet worth £1,000 and three charges of shoplifting. He was remanded on bail until June 1 for the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

Andy Robinson, prosecuting, said none of the property stolen had been recovered.

He said the defendant's sister-in-law and her husband had put a padlock on the bedroom door because of concerns over his drug use.

When they returned from their holiday he admitted stealing the bracelet and selling it for £15.

"She says it was of sentimental value because friends and family had bought her the charms to go on the bracelet at various times," said Mr Robinson.

"When he was interviewed he said he had taken it because he was skint."

Gareth Price, defending, said his client did not put as high a value on the bracelet as his sister-in-law.

"In September of last year he was struggling with a drug addiction which was why the padlock had been put on the door," said Mr Price.

"Since then his parents have made him go cold turkey and he is now drug free.

"He has also got a job as a fabricator welder which represents significant progress in his life."