A council has fixed a playground swing which featured in a viral video.

Tiger, real name Altaf, Patel shared a video ahead of the elections showing a playground with broken swings on Longton Street in Blackburn.

The Conservative Party candidate went on to win the Audley and Queen's Park ward on Thursday beating his Labour opponent by 113 votes.

Speaking to us today he said: “I am glad it has been fixed.”

Cllr Patel also said he had avoided climbing the slide this time round.

He says in his latest video: “I made one video here before the election. Blackburn Council thank you for fixing the swing here.”

He then goes on to show a letter of support from someone who wanted the playground to be fixed.

In his campaign video which went viral this week he can be seen walking to the ‘Tabdeeli Ayi Re’ song made famous during Imran Khan’s Pakistan election campaign.

Mr Patel is seen walking through a playground and points out a broken swing. He then walks up some steps on a slide and raises his hands ‘Nixon style’.

The camera pans out and rude graffiti can be seen 'perfectly positioned' on the slide in front of him.

The graffiti we are told has been painted over but is still visible.

Cllr Patel said: “It could do with another lick of paint really.” And joked, “This time I did not stand on the slide.”