A ‘LARGE amount’ of cannabis has been seized over the last week as warrants were issued on homes in East Lancashire.

Police in Colne and West Craven confirmed that drug discoveries had been made over the last week, but were unable to give more details at present.

A social media post said: “This last week a number of drugs warrants have been executed at residential address where large amounts of cannabis have been seized.

“Further enquiries are pending before we release details of any charges. Cannabis has also been seized in Victory Park, Barnoldswick which remains a priority hotspot for us.”

Officers also gave details about dangerous drivers who had been dealt with in the area – one of who had his car seized after overtaking an unmarked police car.

A spokesman said: “The driver was on his second warning and tonight decided to overtake officers who were in an unmarked car on Skipton Road, Barnoldswick also seemingly having no regard for the poor driving conditions thanks to the heavy rainfall.

“Another driver has also been warned tonight in Barnoldswick under s59 for their manner of driving. Please can we politely remind our local food delivery people to check that they have the appropriate insurance cover on their vehicles allowing them business use. One driver tonight has been reported for not having the correct policy.”