HAS anyone else noticed a pigeon population explosion this year?

We have been inundated with great fat things the size of small dogs swooping all round the garden.

Five were hopping madly after each other on a neighbouring bungalow roof the other day, much to the amusement of our granddaughter.

Now we have some very welcome feathered visitors to our garden: the darting wren, the cheeky robin and the superstar song thrush.

But the pigeons leave industrial quantity deposits of their excrement all over the place. I read up on the diseases they can cause. Frightening.

I went online to see what could solve the problem. Guess what? These feral creatures are protected by law.

So I have to live with the flying poop factories. It’s nearly as bad as the dog muck on the pavements outside.

Pigeon fancier (not)