A NEW scheme is offering to install free electrical vehicle charge points, with a community owned pub leading the way.

Charge My Street hopes to work with a range of local and national partners to identify 100 charging points across Lancashire and Cumbria which, the organisation hopes, will allow more and more businesses and community groups to take advantage of the advances in electric vehicle technology over recent years.

One such business has been The Dog Inn in Belthorn, with is working towards hosting a charge point.

Yvonne Brown, who runs the pub, said: "We are keen to work with Charge My Street to get some electric vehicle chargepoints, as we believe this will provide a really useful service for our customers, but also for some local residents who may not have the opportunity of getting chargepoints near to their homes.

"We hope this will become another service that we can offer, and as a community owned pub, it is important to us to help to serve our community."

The scheme is funded by government agency Innovate UK and says that electric vehicle charging points could be significant in boosting the local economy as they give retail and hospitality businesses such as cafes, pubs, shops and hotels an added appeal for visitors driving electric cars.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Daniel Heery 

Charge My Street director Daniel Heery said: “This is an opportunity for businesses to get ahead of the competition and install a charging site early, with an advantage over other sites when EV drivers are planning their lunch stops or booking their holiday accommodation.

“When drivers are charging their car, they are far more likely to spend an hour in a café or shop while they wait, and businesses can use this opportunity to attract more customers to spend money locally.

“Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular, meaning that thousands of people every minute are planning where to charge their vehicle.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

Another charge point installed at Lancaster Boys and Girls Club

Businesses interested in installing a free charge point can apply to Charge My Street

Applicants must own the land they want to use, have adjoining spaces for at least two cars to park and charge, have good mobile data coverage or broadband signal and be accessible to the public overnight.

Installation meanwhile will be carried out by Bay Camera and Communications with the charge point itself owned by Charge My Street.

To find out more, go to: www.chargemystreet.co.uk/host.