WORK to improve safety to a feed reservoir of the Leeds-Liverpool canal through East Lancashire is scheduled to take place for two years.

It involves reprofiling an embankment but care will be taken not to disturb otters in the area.

The Canal and River Trust has applied to Pendle Council for planning permission for the works at Barrowford Reservoir after a 2017 safety inspection.

They involve the re-profiling and stabilisation of the embankment to allow the water level to be reduced.

A Design and Access Statement with the application say: "The reservoir is believed to have been constructed circa 1885.

"This document seeks planning permission for the re-profiling and stabilisation of the downstream reservoir embankment to allow a reduced water level at Barrowford Reservoir, Colne Road.

"The proposed works result in physical reduction in the scale of the reservoir, which include the removal of the existing wave wall and the lowering of the existing crest to allow for the reprofiling of the downstream embankment.

"A principle of minimal intervention to achieve the engineering solution underpins the design approach to the development.

"The otter commuting corridor should not be obstructed by the project.

"The proposed works will take place to existing elements of the reservoir infrastructure only, there are no new physical additions.

"The regraded embankment will be topsoiled and seeded to match the current appearance of the existing embankment.

"The construction period is anticipated to extend from summer 2021 to winter 2023."