A COUPLE’S world has been turned upside down as their baby, less than three weeks old, is in hospital after she was born with some organs and her intestines outside her body.

Polly-Mae Eaton weighed just four pounds and eight ounces when she was born on April 11, a week earlier than expected at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital before she was transferred for an emergency operation at Alder Hey.

Her parents, Andrew Eaton and Danielle Thompson from Burnley, have been staying at the Ronald McDonald centre nearby for the last four weeks.

With the condition gastrochisis, Polly-Mae was born with her intestines outside her body, exiting through a hole beside her belly button.

Her other organs such as her liver were also pushed out and an emergency operation was performed to put everything back inside her body.

She has now had four major surgeries in her short life, her father said.

Mr Eaton said: “She is doing better than before, and we are hoping they only need one more surgery, but she cannot leave the hospital yet because she keeps pushing her organs outside of her body.

“It’s scary and we just want to take her home and start our life together. It’s difficult when you can’t do anything for your baby to help them.”

The couple found out about Polly-Mae’s condition at their 12-week pregnancy scan.

Mr Eaton said: “It was a bit of a shock for us both and we did not know what would happen.

“Every time we didn’t feel movement during the pregnancy, we thought something had happened.”

Polly-Mae is looking at a minimum of another two months in hospital before she is tested further in the hope of doctors seeing an improvement.

She was sent straight to Alder Hey within an hour of being born and was put in intensive care.

Mr Eaton said: “She keeps pushing her stomach out of her body, so the doctors have to put it back in.

“They need to make sure she is breathing, feeding and pooing right, because everything is affected with this condition.

“It has definitely put us off having any more children because it’s not been the best experience, but we are staying strong with all the support from everyone.”

The parents are able to hold Polly-Mae but must be extra careful to wash and sanitise their hands to ensure they do not cause an infection for the tiny tot.

Nobody else can visit Polly-Mae yet, meaning family and friends can only look at pictures.

Mr Eaton has also set up a Go Fund Me to help the family with their living costs.

Although, their stay at the Ronald McDonald house is free, they still need to pay their rent back home along with bills.

Both parents usually work in warehouses but are currently on leave.

If you want to help visit gofundme.com and search for 'Polly Mae'.