AN independent East Lancashire school has completed its new music block - the first stage of a major reorganisation.

Already pupils are using the new practice and classrooms at Westholme School in Blackburn.

It aims to have all pupils based on Senior School’s campus at the end of Meins Road by September next year.

Now the first stage of the reorganisation from three sites to one - known as ‘Project W’ - has been completed. It involved relocating and upgrading the music facilities to Wilmar Lodge.

The work was completed this month and students are already learning in their new surroundings.

Ben Holt, Westholme School’s director of music, said: “The whole music department now offers an even higher standard of teaching and learning facilities.

“Every classroom and rehearsal space has been designed to accommodate the instruments and musicians – from cello to choir rehearsal spaces, and sound recording booths to rock band recording areas.

“There has been a 15 per cent increase in the number of students selecting Music at GCSE in the past couple of years.

“Sixth-form students at Westholme will now have the opportunity to take an AS-level in music technology as an enrichment opportunity because music is increasingly exciting.

“With a growing number of students benefitting from music tuition, we will also be offering an A-level in Music Technology from September. These are exciting times ahead at Westholme.”

The new course will cover topics such as how to make a music recording, including choosing the right microphone for the situation, and composing.

The independent school is currently split across three locations and plans are under way to move all primary age pupils to the existing senior school at Wilmar Lodge, Meins Road.

The infants schools has already completed an interim move from to the junior site at Beardwood Bank on Preston New Road.

By the September next year the school intends to have all its primary pupils housed in a converted self-contained building designed by Harrison Pitt Architects.