A woman who lost her dog was blown away by the support she got from the community and social media – with chart-topper Chesney Hawkes even helping out!

Nicola Cootes, 49, and her husband Adam Cootes, 50, of Clitheroe, lost their Yorkshire terrier, Boddington on Friday afternoon while they were walking at the Nick O' Pendle.

Boddington darted off when a red hang-glider flew past them and they searched for him for some hours without any luck.

After talking to some people locally about his disappearance, Nicola was told to share posts on social media which led to a huge number of people coming together to help.

The posts were shared far and wide, with singer-songwriter Chesney – an old friend of the couple – even sharing a post to try to help.

The singer, best known for his 1991 No.1 hit The One And Only, posted: "If any of you lovely people live near Clitheroe our very wonderful friend Nicola Cootes has lost her beloved little doggie Boddington. Please spread the love if you can. Hopefully he will be found safe and sound x."

Lancashire Telegraph:

Nicola (L) and helper Linda (R) in front of Bank of Dave's helicopter

Boddington was eventually found by a couple, Julie and Alan Chadwick, who were taking a walk at 7.30am today (May 3). They saw a confused looking Boddington close to where he had gone missing.

Nicola said: “For the last 48 hours we have had people scouring the moors – you just wouldn’t believe it.

“So many people from the community have been helping us – I’ve never known anything like it.”

People were out searching with Nicola and Adam, using thermal imaging cameras to find Boddington. Burnley businessman and TV star David Fishwick even took Nicola and Adam up in his helicopter to look for him.

Nicola is thankful to everyone who helped in the search but was amazed by some people in the community who went above and beyond including David, Pat Willis, Johnathan Howarth and Linda Tipping as well as the owners of the Wellsprings restaurant at the bottom of the moors, Zak and Catherine Marhraoui.

Nicola said: “We thought he had been kidnapped or something then this couple happened to be walking this morning and called me. We came up and he just ran at us.

“He is grounded for the rest of his life!"