A primary school has renovated its library to keep reading 'fun' for pupils

Baxenden St John’s recently undertook a library refurbishment project in its KS2 library area as the old library area had started to look a little out-dated and was not doing much to inspire pupils to read.

Two year six pupils, Reon and Faye are delighted with the new library. They said: "The library makes it much more fun to read and makes you want to spend time in there and the bright colours and funky furniture makes it a more interesting space to be in."

Staff and pupils alike have remarked that the new library has proved a great addition to the resources available to pupils in KS2, giving them a renewed passion for reading in general and a fresh source of pride in their school.

Pupils on the school’s ‘accelerated reading programme’, which targets pupils who require a degree of additional support with their reading, have reported that they feel more relaxed and comfortable when reading in the new library, and that it has increased their overall confidence.

The school has arrangements in place for the refurbishment of the KS1 library later in the academic year, and they are confident that the same results and success will be achieved through this project.