A WOMAN racially abused nursing and security staff at Royal Blackburn Hospital.

Blackburn magistrates heard Ann-Marie Evans, in separate incidents, racially abused and assaulted her landlord and damaged a neighbour’s car while racially abusing her.

Evans, 54, of Warwick Road, Birmingham, pleaded guilty to three charges of racially aggravated threatening behaviour at Royal Blackburn Hospital on January 6, assaulting Hussain Ali, criminal damage to a window belonging to him and racially aggravated threatening behaviour on January 10, and racially aggravated threatening behaviour towards Sofia Munir and damaging a car belonging to her on January 19.

She was sentenced to 24 weeks in suspended for two years and ordered to pay £300 compensation to Mr Ali. She was ordered to complete 30 days rehabilitation activity requirement.

Deputy District Judge Jane Hamilton said the offences crossed the custody threshold because of the racial elements.

“I am, however, convinced that there is work that can be done to alleviate any further offending,” said Deputy District Judge Hamilton. “A lot of that will be down to you.”

Andy Robinson, prosecuting, said the hospital incident involved a senior sister and two members of the security team.

“She was being racially abusive to staff, telling the security officers to go back where they came from,” said Mr Robinson.

Mr Ali was the defendant’s landlord when she lived in Perry Street, Darwen. He noticed one of the windows had been smashed when she lunged at him and pushed him in the chest. When police arrived she was shouting racist comments at Mr Ali.

On January 19 Sofia Munir, who lived next door in Perry Street, heard Evans banging and shouting at 7am.

“She saw her climb out of a window and start attacking her car with a mug,” said Mr Robinson.

“She was making comments about people going back where they came from and she was saying she was going to burn the house down and kill people.”

Richard Prew, defending, said a pre-sentence report suggested Evans should liaise with the mental health services.

“She was remanded in custody for some part of the proceedings and she is absolutely scared stiff of going back to prison,” said Mr Prew.