You might know everything about Blackburn in Lancashire- but how well do you know the Blackburn in Australia?

There are so many places in the world that share the same name as our humble town- so make sure you don’t accidentally book a trip to our sister destinations across the pond.

According to Geotargit, there are 16 places in the world named Blackburn and they can be found in five countries throughout the world.

Each of these areas has their own unique populations and attractions to explore.

We have tracked down some of these exotic towns and areas in the world that are all called Blackburn to see how they compare to ours.


(Left is Blackburn in the UK and right is Blackburn in Australia. Photo credit: Google Maps)

Did you know that there is an area called Blackburn in Victoria, Australia?

At the 2016 census, Blackburn had a population of 13,940 which is a far cry from the 148,000 population in our Blackburn (according to 2019 census).

The origin of the name is disputed but may have been after an early settler or James Blackburn, who designed Yan Yean Reservoir.

Europeans first settled the area of Blackburn in the 1841s.

In 1861 the Traveller's Rest Hotel was built on the current site of the Blackburn Hotel. Blackburn Creek Post Office opened on 10 January 1876 and was renamed Blackburn in 1883.

Notable nature writer, Edith Coleman, came from this area.


Lancashire Telegraph: Blackburn in Missouri (Photo: Google Maps)Blackburn in Missouri (Photo: Google Maps)

There are 11 places in America called Blackburn.

Towns with the same name can be found in the following states: West Virginia, Utah, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Nevada, Missouri, Louisiana, Kentucky, Arkansas and Alabama.

Interestingly, Blackburn in Nevada is classed as a ghost town as it is completely devoid of inhabitants.

At one point, It was a major shipping point for all supplies headed to Buckhorn.

A petrol station once stood in the town but it recently closed.

In Missouri, Blackburn is a city in Lafayette.

However, it’s no way near the same size as ours and the population is 249 (according to 2010 census).

Francis Blackburn is though to be the first settler here.

Blackburn was platted in 1880 when the railroad was extended through the neighbourhood.

Not much is here- but a post office called Blackburn has been in operation since 1878.

United Kingdom

Lancashire Telegraph: (Photo: Google Maps)(Photo: Google Maps)

Blackburn in Lancashire isn’t the only one in the United Kingdom- there is also one in West Lothian, and Aberdeenshire.

The one on West Lothian, Scotland is situated approximately 20 miles west of Edinburgh and 25 miles east of Glasgow.

As a small industrial centre, Blackburn originally developed as a cotton-manufacturing town. In the mid-19th century, it became a centre for coal mining.

It experienced a population boom in 1965 when the number to around 9,000 as a result of employment opportunities in Bathgate to the north and through in-migration following the inception of the Glasgow Overspill Plan.

The closure of the British Leyland plant in 1986 brought decline to the area and many homes were also destroyed in the 60s.

The railway station at Bathgate attracts commuters to live in Blackburn and provides easy access to both Glasgow and Edinburgh.

A lot of famous faces originate from Scotland’s Blackburn- including Susan Boyle who first came to fame as a contestant on Britain's Got Talent and whose 2009 debut album I Dreamed a Dream became the fastest selling UK debut album of all time.

South Africa

Lancashire Telegraph: (Photo: Google Maps)(Photo: Google Maps)

In South Africa, Blackburn is situated in KwaZulu-Natal which is a coastal South African province, is known for its scenic beaches and mountains.

Not much is known about the area other than it its 302 mi (or 486 km) south-east of Pretoria, the country's capital city.

It also has a population of 23,960, according to a 2011 census.