Schools have been thinking of creating ways to celebrate the number 100 to mark Sir Captain Tom Moore's birthday.

The NHS hero would have turned 101 today (April 30) and people across the nation have been thinking of ways to celebrate the number 100 - the age he was when he died.

Oakhill School and Nursery in Whalley have, in social bubbles, taken a drone photo showing them making the number 100 using pupils in the school to form the numbers.

Pupils have also been completing '100' challenges, with some pupils trying to take 100 shots in football, other trying to collect 100 different items from nature and some writing 100 word fairy tale stories about his life.

Headteacher, Mrs Jane Buttery said: "We have been delighted to support the Captain Tom 100 challenge today as his simple message of hope – “Tomorrow will be a good day” – inspired millions around the world and is all about looking forward to the future.

"We also feel inspired by the fact that he showed us that everyone, of all ages and abilities, can make a difference and that is what we have been trying to recreate today."

Lammack School in Blackburn marked the day with a variety of activities including the pupils in each year group collectively walking 100 laps of the playground - in tribute to Sir Tom's 100 laps of his garden.

Headteacher Paula Duckworth said: "It gives the children a moment to reflect.

"We read the book that was released to honour him and throughout it has got some of Captain Tom's quotes.

"The children have thought about the impact they can in the next 90 years like the impact he had on the country."

In Barnoldswick, Coates Lane Primary have also been completing tasks surrounding the number 100.

Headteacher Sarah White said: "Today, we have enjoyed celebrating the wonderful life of the extraordinary Captain Tom.

"We have enjoyed talking about him and what made him such a special person.

"He is someone for us to look up to and model ourselves on."

The school held a virtual assembly in his memory then year groups have completed different challenges with year one pupils doing 100 star jumps, year two collectively walking 100 times around the school field - like Sir Tom with his laps around the garden - and year three also doing 100 star jumps and other exercises.