Staff at Morrisons Blackburn joined charity Aid 4 Ummah and their Muslim colleagues in observing a fast.

Non-Muslim colleagues made the decision to fast 'to gain a sense of understanding of how it feels to fast' and also visited the Jaame Mosque on Cumberland Street to learn more about the religion and how the local charity has assisted people in the lockdown. 

Aid 4 Ummah director, Salim Masum Mulla allowed the store manager Tracey Pugh and community champion Ryan Osman to gain an insight into the day to day operations of the charity, which included joining them on a drop off to the local Salvation Army to provide food donations as well as a guided tour of the mosque.

The charity then joined the colleagues in the stores staff canteen to break the fast and provided an insight to colleagues around Ramadan and gave a reading of the Holy Quran.

Aid 4 Ummah also provided the food that was provided to the colleagues who had taken part in the fast as a sign of gratitude for the support the store has shown the charity throughout the pandemic. 

Lancashire Telegraph:

Ryan Osman, community champion said: “I would like to thank everyone at Aid 4 Ummah for their support in helping us to support integration in our store and in our local community, as well as their generous gesture of providing food for our colleagues to enjoy after a long day of fasting. 

"Observing a fast allowed us to understand the importance of Ramadan and the reason that fasting is observed by our Muslim colleagues, and understanding different cultures and faiths in our community is something that we are passionate about”

Lancashire Telegraph:

Salim Masum Mulla, country director at Aid 4 Ummah, said:“On behalf of Aid 4 Ummah, I would like to give special thanks to Morrison’s for their continuous support. It was a pleasure to show both Ryan and Tracey the Central Mosque, as well as give them an insight into how the charity implements their contributions to the community. 

"With the help of Morrison’s, we have been able to provide a helping hand to organisations such as the Salvation Army and local care homes.

"During these unprecedented times, Aid 4 Ummah have delivered over 5000 meals to those struggling in Lancashire. Once again, I would like to thank the team at Morrison’s Blackburn for all their hard work. Our aim is to ensure that together we can make a difference and support anybody that is in need, regardless of their age, religion, and culture.”