A ROAD has been closed over concerns a building could collapse.

Residents have been moved out after a large crack appeared in the gable end wall of a shop with first-floor flat on the corner of Philips Lane and Burnley Road in Colne.

Now Lancashire County Council has closed the Philips Lane in both directions.

Pendle Council has contacted nearby residents to alert them to the potential danger from the crack and bulging wall.

Philips Lane will remain closed until investigations are completed and a structural repair scheme has been prepared and undertaken at 120 Burnley Road.

Neil Watson, Pendle Council’s planning manager, said: “This is a very serious situation so we had no choice but to close the road.

“There are alternative routes but we understand that they may not be convenient for some people.

“We are working with structural engineers to secure the building and remove any danger of it collapsing.

“We’ll re-open the road as quickly as we can but only when it is safe to do so - public safety must come first.”