Controversy over pornographic literature being placed in free libraries has ripped through a town.

Yesterday, a photo was shared on social media after a notice was placed in a free little library in the village of Cornholme, close to Todmorden.

Far from being polite, the notice demanded whoever was placing 'pornographic literature' in the free libraries to 'stop, as Cornholme is a God fearing Christian village'.

The note read: "Whoever is placing the copys [sic] of pornographic literature in here, stop!

"Cornholme is a God fearing Christian village.

"If this filth is to your liking may we suggest that you move to the cess pit that is Hebden Bridge."

Free little libraries are scattered all over Todmorden, and also in parts of Burnley, as well as Darwen, with people able to drop their unwanted books there and exchange them for copies of other literature. 

It is not known whether the small notice was left in the free library as a joke, or a more serious demonstration of anger.

Regardless, it caused quite a stir on social media with one user saying: "Not a bad selection to be honest…. I might nip over from Hebden."

While another posted a meme from Black Adder and said: "I believe Cornhole Parish Council are now interviewing a suspect."