A DRUG dealer found with almost £2,000 worth of amphetamines had to be slapped in the face by an officer after he ran away from him wearing handcuffs.

The police were called on Allan Kirkley in December 2019 when he was seen shouting and banging on the door of a house on Pringle Street, Blackburn.

When officers arrived, Kirkley was spotted riding a bike with blood on his face and was arrested and willingly handcuffed.

However when the officer moved away from the 36-year-old, Kirkley fled, hiding behind a car on a nearby driveway.

Prosecuting at Preston Crown Court (Sessions House) Kimberly Obrusik said: “He ran a few hundred metres up the street before turning into a drive and hiding behind a car.

“The officer’s statement described him being immediately of the view that he would resist arrest and so he shouted to him that he would use his Parva spray if necessary and directed him to get on the floor. He refused to do so and the officer describes him as being aggressive and abusive towards him.

“As a result of his refusal, the officer used pre-approved tactics – the first being a slap to the face. The defendant did still not comply and so he moved to the next tactic, kneeing him in the arm.

“The defendant became compliant and went to the floor, where he was apprehended.”

A bag carried by the defendant was then searched, with three mobile phones, £1,990 worth of amphetamines and £25 in cannabis found.

The phones were later analysed with messages found on the devices related to drug dealing, with one such exchange reading: ‘You got any Usains pal?’ Kirkley’s response was ‘I’ve got about 10 mate.’ Usains refer to the sprinter Usain Bolt and is a well-known street name for the drug speed.

The court heard how Kirkley, of Preston New Road, Blackburn, has 14 convictions for 36 previous offences, several of which relate to drug matters.

Defending, Neil Howard said that Kirkley had been battling with substance misuse since he was around 11.

He said: “His childhood and adult life has been blighted by drug use. It is unfortunate as in the past he has had full-time employment.”

Mr Howard went on the describe how the defendant had made great strides in addressing his addiction and offending since he was arrested, something Mr Recorder Eric Lamb agreed with.

Mr Recorder Lamb said: “There has been considerable trauma in your life. You are now in settled employment but suffered a serious head injury as a result of abuse of alcohol in 2009 which has affected your wellbeing.

“You suffered the death of your former partner in 2015 and lost a close friend as a result of the impact of drugs in 2019.

“The impact of your dependency has been widely felt, including the fact your 12-year-old daughter is in the care of your aunt."

“It has been advanced on your behalf that you do not have a lavish lifestyle. Your problems with mental health have led to you suffering PTSD and schizophrenia.”

He added: “There is strong personal mitigation demonstrated by your efforts to overcome drug dependency and I conclude that there is a realistic prospect of rehabilitation.”

Kirkley was jailed for nine months, suspended for 18, after admitting two counts of possession of drugs with intent to supply and one count of unlawfully escaping custody. He must also undertake 30 rehabilitation activity days and complete a 12-month drug rehab.