A man who had been struggling with depression and alcoholism was found dead by police after his family raised the alarm, an inquest heard.

Anthony Yeo, 42, was found in his home on Cottam Street in Chorley on February 8 by police who responded to concern for welfare.

His family told police that they had not heard from him for several days and his mother Susan Yeo said she was worried about him because of he struggled with alcohol dependency and depression.

Police said there was no evidence of suspicious circumstances or third party involvement in his death.

Dr Jacob Joseph concluded that Mr Yeo's death was from hanging and a toxicology report showed that he was 'potentially fatally intoxicated' at the time of his death and that if no other cause of death was found then it could have been as a result of this.

Coroner Richard Taylor, sitting at Preston Coroners Court, said: "I will record a conclusion of suicide on the balance there does not seem to be any other explanation. It was a deliberate act while intoxicated."

Anthony's mother had tried to care for her son while he was struggling with his mental health such as making him food and making sure he was eating.

Seeing him three days before he was found, one of his friends, Theresa Walker, who was with her partner, said he was a bit down.

When they said their goodbyes, Anthony said that he loved them both which, although Theresa said was strange, she didn't question too much at the time.

Mr Yeo was last seen on February 7 on CCTV a few streets from his flat and he appeared to be staggering around.

His doctor said that Anthony struggled with depression and had mentioned thoughts of self harm although none of these had been acted upon and Anthony had not mentioned he was suffering suicidal thoughts.

Dr Kevin Tipper said that Anthony had been told to contact someone such as a family member, friend or the hospital if he did suffer any suicidal thoughts.

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