A 25-year-old dad and ‘loving son’ tragically took his own life in front of his girlfriend.

Jack Emmett tried to hang himself in the cowshed at his home on Beverley Road in Blacko despite having no history of mental health problems, an inquest heard.
He died several days later when his life support had to be turned off because he had suffered catastrophic brain injuries.

Girlfriend Vicky Smith and his dad, Paul Emmett said: “He was a great dad and a loving partner and son. He is sorely missed.”

Vicky said that on February 28, she and Jack had spend a lovely day together watching films and having a couple of drinks.

The pair then got into a heated discussion and a while later, Jack told Vicky that he loved her and said goodbye.

Although Vicky thought this was weird, she was not worried about him but shortly after, Jack’s dad Paul called Vicky saying he had some weird messages from Jack and wanted to know where he was.

Vicky found him in the cowshed which was just moments from the home in a distressed state but alive. Just moments later he made the attempt on his life in front of her.

His girlfriend called the emergency services and Jack was rushed to Royal Blackburn Hospital were he was put into the intensive care ward on a ventilator.
Doctor Peter McDermot said that Jack had suffered a serious lack of oxygen to the brain which tests showed had led to severe brain injury.

Dr McDermot and the family then decided on March 9 that it was best to take Jack off life support.

Jack’s GP said that there had been no history of any mental health struggles or suicidal thoughts in advance of the event.

Coroner Richard Taylor, sitting at Preston Coroners Court, said that despite Jack dying nine days later in hospital, it was clear that he had intended to take his life in the cowshed and ruled his death to be as a result of suicide.

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