A FATHER of two has credited a digital skills programme founded by a Blackburn entrepreneur with launching his new career.

Ben Dale, 27, now works with Chorley-based Inscape Interiors where he manages multiple projects involving software, data management and cyber security.

This opportunity was made possible, Mr Dale says, thanks to his involvement in a 12 week skills training programme set up by IN4.0 Group, founded by Blackburn-born entrepreneur Mo Isap.

Mr Dale, from Lancaster, said: “I’ve got a young family and I wanted to settle down in a stable career in Lancashire, so the digital sector seemed like a safe area to be in, particularly after the impact of Covid-19, there’s still a huge demand for it.

“I’ve always been interested in a digital career, but I didn’t really have the skills or the background to pursue it.

“My confidence was boosted by the academy and without IN4.0’s support, I think I would still struggle to get the kind of job in data and cloud computing that I wanted.

"Moving into a digital career was made possible by IN4.0 and has helped me to get a job I really want.”

Mr Dale's new employers agree that he has been ideal for the role.

Inscape Interiors strategy director Paul Mills said: “From a personality perspective, Ben is a perfect fit for us and has integrated into the company extremely well. While technically, he is really starting to find his feet and work with us on projects that will deliver some significant time and cost savings.

Meanwhile, Mr Isap says that IN4.0 is already working with employers across the North West, to help‘work-ready’ graduates from diverse backgrounds join these firms to undertake industrial projects and drive new digital strategies.

He hopes that the programme will lead to many more local success stories and will prove to be a boost for the economy across the region.

Mr Isap said: “Being Lancashire born and bred, I made a commitment to nurture local talent and activate the spirit of collaboration to enable local manufacturers like Inscape to adopt digital technology, and this mission has created a perfect storm, illustrating the power of Lancashire.”

He added:“This is the perfect example of how collaborations between universities, SMEs, large enterprise, government investment and local talent can really help make a difference and drive digital transformation in the region.

"I’m really proud of how the IN4.0 team and our partners have come together to support incredible local graduates like Ben on their journey into employment and ambitions for a career as cloud and digital engineers.

“Ben will be further accelerating digital transformation for an SME manufacturing business that is not only going to increase its productivity but will further help Lancashire in its economic prosperity.”

Applications are now open for the next IN4.0 Academy.

To find out more, go to: https://in40.co.uk/for-graduates/.