TEENAGERS climbing onto a primary school roof are causing damage to the building.

Pictures show youngsters sitting on top of Brookhouse Primary School in Blackburn – with one person having taken a chair up to the roof. Others can be seen gesturing at passers-by and lying down.

Acting headteacher Kathryn Forsyth said the school had urged the wider community to report the incidents to police.

The school said in a statement: “Brookhouse Primary School has been experiencing both trespassing and vandalism on the Early Years site and the school grounds.

“Unfortunately, this has increased recently and we are being supported with PCSO involvement to address this. We have communicated with our parents to inform them of what is happening and now urge the wider community to report any concerning incidents to the police.

“We work hard to maintain our school environment and grounds for the benefit of our pupils and the community and we are appreciative of community support on this matter.”

Local councillor Shaukat Hussain said: “Their actions are causing damage to school property and they also run the risk of injury if they fall.

“I would appeal to everyone in the area if you do see this type of behaviour, call the authorities.

“People might see this as a joke but when they are causing damage to a school it becomes more serious. Some of their own brothers and sisters may be using the school and it is unfair on the school who are trying their best for families in the area.

“I hope those who have been doing this will see some sense now.”

He said the police had been informed, adding: “Police will be patrolling the area and keeping an eye out in the future. We also would urge any parents who recognise the people to speak to their children.”

Iqbal Bhai manages Bangor Street Community Centre, which is next to the school.

He said: “During the lockdown the centre and the school have been closed so they may have taken advantage of this fact.”