A MANUFACTURER which specialises in low carbon pipes says it has developed it first ever 'smart pipe' using 20 per cent recycled material.

Nelson-based Aquaspira makes piping for housing, utilities and building industries, with an emphasis on new and more sustainable ways of working.

The recently developed 'smart pipe', made partly from recycled materials have been made possible thanks to a six figure investment in research and development carried out in partnership with the University of Birmingham and the National Buried Infrastructure Facility.

Managing director Neil Wallace said: “Aquaspira is working closely with some of the brightest minds in British academia to come up with solutions for the drainage and utilities industries.

"This will be beneficial to the industry and will demonstrate to those wedded to historic solutions that there are far more eco-friendly and high quality alternative products.

“Aquaspira has already proved through its CSR pipe product range that an alternative solution exists which is 5 per cent the weight of concrete equivalents and requires up to 25 per cent less excavation, and these are being widely used by utility companies, housebuilders and the wider construction sector.

"This is only the start, through our research and development partnership with the University of Birmingham, we will deliver lighter and more durable products, with the longer lifespan of HDPE.

"We are also cutting down on carbon in the transportation cycle and excavation process as well. It is a win-win for the company, industry and planet.”

The company believes that the research they are carrying out has the potential to help the construction sector achieve government's de-carbonisation targets.

Trials are also underway at Aquaspira to explore the use of recycled materials for storm and drainage water pipes and the backfill required for their installation, as well as incorporating sensing equipment for long-term monitoring.

Meanwhile, the company's board has agreed investment to generate 35 per cent of power on its Profile Park site from solar panels and has already fully changed over to LED lights with sensors.

It is also in the process of replacing its diesel fork lift trucks with electric versions

To find out more, go to: https://www.aquaspira.com/.