An ‘inspirational’ school girl who lost both her parents within four months of each other to cancer when she was 11 has raised over £5,000 for MacMillan.

Chloe Jackson, now 14, from Sabden, has been fundraising for the charity who supported her parents before their death.

In memory of her parents, Chloe has held cake sales and car washes as well as selling her old clothes, toys and CDs and running competitions including ‘name of the teddy bear’ and ‘guess how many sweets are in the jar’.

All of this has seen the St Augustine’s RC High School pupil raise £5,500 for the charity.

Chloe said: “I like fundraising and organizing things like this and I think mum and dad would have been very proud of what I’ve done.

“A lot of my friends have helped me, which has been great, and I can’t wait to start fundraising again as soon as we’re able to.”

Chloe, who is an only child, decided to fundraise after her mum Sarah, 38, died of breast cancer in September 2017, followed just four months later by her dad Martin, 41, in January 2018, from a rare form of cancer called pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP).

PMP usually starts in the appendix but sometimes in other parts of the bowel, bladder or ovaries.

Chloe’s grandfather Kevin Monk, who now cares for her with her grandma Wendy, said: “As you can imagine Chloe really struggled when her mum and dad were diagnosed with cancer, and then tragically passed away within a few months of each other, as any 11-year-old would.

“However, Chloe also has autism, which made it even more challenging for her to deal with, so it has been so inspiring to see what she has done in their memory and to work so hard to raise such a fantastic amount of money for Macmillan. She is truly a special little girl.”

Macmillan’s Relationship Fundraising Manager for East Lancashire, Louise Osgood added: “For anyone to go through such a sad and traumatic experience, especially at such a young age, but then work so hard to raise £5,500, is incredible.

“Her amazing fundraising efforts will help make such a difference to people living with cancer.”

Chloe's Headteacher, Mr Michael Wright said: "We are extremely proud of Chloe who has had to deal with such sad losses in her life and who has responded in such a thoughtful and positive manner, with the money raised providing a huge support to those living with cancer.

"She is an amazing example of the difference that young people can make when they set their mind to a task."