Police in the Ribble Valley say they have noted an increase in visitors to the area as people continue to enjoy the night-time economy.

Officers have increased patrols in certain towns, including in Clitheroe town centre, as more people take advantage of the easing of coronavirus restrictions.

Police say that despite the pubs re-opening, and even though the warm, dry weather saw in increase in footfall in the town, they have dealt with very few incidents relating to alcohol.

A spokesperson for the police said: "Thankfully some of our pubs and restaurants have managed to re-open across the Ribble Valley in the last couple of weeks albeit with restrictions.

"This has seen an increase in the number of visitors to the area to enjoy the night-time economy.

"We have increased the number of officers out on patrol and will look at sustaining this in the coming weeks as lockdown hopefully continues to ease.

"A relatively low number of incidents required police intervention relating to alcohol over this weekend as people enjoyed the fine weather."