LANCASHIRE'S Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw faces a four way tussle to win a third term in the job.

The former milkman is being challenged by Tory Andrew Snowden, Liberal Democrat Neil Darby and James Barker from the Reform UK Party.

In 2016 Mr Grunshaw beat Conservative former police officer Andy Pratt by 152,714 votes to 118,941.

Mr Barker, then representing UKIP from which his new party has sprung, came third with the LibDem candidate Graham Roach fourth.

The Police and Crime Commissioner is responsible for overseeing the work of the county force and ensuring it is run effectively and efficiently.

Elections were postponed in 2020 due to coronavirus and are taking place on May 6.

Mr Grunshaw said: "It is well known that Lancashire endured amongst the highest levels of cuts to our budget and reduction in police officer numbers.

"I am very proud of the service that was maintained and delivered on behalf of the public during these times.  Indeed, despite these cuts, Lancashire is rated as one of the best forces in the country and as outstanding for efficiency and our use of resources.  We have done well but we need more resources to ensure that we can rebuild the neighbourhood policing that was systematically whittled away.

"If I am re-elected I will demand that we receive our fair share of new police officers."

Mr Snowden said: "I want to see more police on the beat with more government funding.

"I would invest in rural policing and ensure every borough has access to a physical police presence.

"Since the government launched its campaign 133 more police officers have been recruited in Lancashire"

Preston city councillor Mr Darby, 33, said: "We do not believe in Police and Crime Commissioners and would like to see them replaced by a committee of councillors from local authorities with other members.

"But while they are here we take them seriously. I want to see more investment in community policing so people get to know and trust their local officers."

Mr Barker said: "Not only will I sustain the great work of the emergency services. I will enhance the role and I believe improve it.

"There needs to be far more pro-active initiatives to tackle youth crime at source and reduce the incentive to use drugs and subsequent criminal activities . Rather than be reactive, I want to interject in our poorest deprived areas by engaging on their own doorsteps with joint venture between PCC and private enterprise."