A SOUTH-ASIAN boxer and self-defence instructor thinks all women should learn self-defence irrespective of culture or religion.

Zee Jogi from Blackburn is a qualified self-defence and restraint instructor, Muay Thai Kickboxing instructor and fitness trainer.

With over 15 years- experience, the 32-year-old qualified last year and started working as part of the ZS Defence Academy, a community organisation teaching girls as young as 10 and targeting women in the South Asian community as well as vulnerable women involved in domestic abuse.

She said: “As part of our many projects, we support female domestic abuse victims, and my main aim is to help girls learn how to stay safe.

“It’s just breaking the stigma as well in the South-Asian community because it is quite a male dominated sport.

“It took me 15 years to become an instructor and now I want to teach other women.”

Miss Jogi is one of the only female South-Asian self-defence instructors in Blackburn.

She said:” I think all women should learn how to fight, especially south Asian women because it is not the norm for them.

“It’s not always about strength but understanding vulnerable points of the body, and if you can learn the basics then you can walk the streets at 12am and not worry.”

She started her training in Muay Thai Kickboxing in 2003 at the age 15 years old, as a personal interest and hobby.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Miss Jogi then went on to complete a course in self-defence and restraint through the National Federation of Personal Safety, before she joined the community project for women.

In Jan 2020, she took up mixed martial sport Krag Maga, which teaches multiple attacks, knife defence and more.

As part of a male dominated industry, the Blackburn instructor has had her fair share of comments from those who thought she should not be training.

She said: Not having a male influence in my life made me want to learn self-defence myself to protect my family and I.

“My mum was very supportive as usual and understands it is important for women as you never know when you may need it.”

Men in the community respect Miss Jogi for what she is doing and even recommend her to their children and wives.

Miss Jogi and the team have also run sessions with Humraaz, One Voice, The Billy Project and with the NHS.

Currently, the team are offering online classes completely for free to encourage more women to take up self-defence long term.

To find out more about classes visit the website https://zsdefenceacademy.co.uk/