A Muslim woman staying in a quarantined hotel in London has spoken out after being served bacon for breakfast.

The mum, 51 and her son aged 12 returned from Pakistan on April 19 and said the incident has made her question the food she had been served since her arrival.

The hotel has sincerely apologised and say they have updated their records 'now they have been told she is observing Ramadan'. They also said that all halal food is stored in separate packaging. and kitchen teams take care to maintain separation.

The mother from Blackburn had travelled to Pakistan on March 22 for treatment.

From 4am on Friday April 9, international visitors who departed from or transited through the Philippines, Pakistan, Kenya and Bangladesh must quarantine in a government approved hotel for 10 days. Anyone arriving after that date must stay in a designated hotel.

The mother and son are staying at the Courtyard by Marriot London Heathrow Hotel and they were served bacon as part of an ‘English breakfast’. They had told the hotel that meals should be halal which means they would not be served any bacon.

The 'Managed Quarantine Hotel Package' – includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch, evening meal and hot and cold drinks, two Covid tests and transfer from the port of arrival to and from the hotel at the end of your quarantine. Hotel stays for the period cost £1,750 and are paid for by the traveller, and they are provided three meals a day.

She told us, “I am disgusted that is happened at all especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

“They would know that we are Muslim and being served bacon is offensive.

"When we checked in we had to fill a form in saying that meals should be halal.

“The food here has been cold and is disgusting if I am going to be honest. It has made me question whether there had been any effort to separate halal from haram food.

“This has really stressed me out and I am not going to take the chance and will be ordering out from now on. I don’t feel I can eat at the hotel at all.”

The woman who is not fasting due to medical reasons has complained and was given another breakfast later in the morning. The hotel has now apologised to the guests.

The mother and son will be charged a total of £2400 for the stay. They first Covid test came back negative and a second is due on day eight.

She said: “That is a lot of money to pay.

“They have not even given us separate beds here and we are expected to share. You would think they would give a twin room.

“There is no housekeeping and you have to clean your own room. It is really bad for guests.

“We did try to get back before the deadline but did not get a flight confirmation.”

The hotel like many others is not permitted to allow staff into rooms for housekeeping due Covid safety rulings.

A Courtyard Heathrow Airport spokesperson said: "We have been in contact with our guest to offer our sincere apologies for the upset caused by the meal delivery, we do not underestimate the seriousness of the issue. Now that she has told us that she is observing Ramadan we will update our records to ensure this does not happen again.

"All Halal food is stored separate packaging, with our experienced kitchen teams trained to take every care to maintain separation.

"We will do our best to move our guests to an alternative room with more suitable accommodation."