RESIDENTS opposed to a new housing estate on a town’s ‘beauty spot’ have raised concerns over former mine workings on the site.

The Further Clough Head Action Group which opposes Pendle Council's scheme on green fields between Barkerhouse Road and Southfield Street in Nelson, say the work has causes unacceptable noise and mess.

And they fear that coal mining in the area makes it unsuitable for he project by Together Housing and PEARL which would see 200 two, three and four bedroomed properties and has been awarded a £1.15million grant from Homes England.

The action group is concerned by comments in a Coal Authority report which say it is concerned about the position of a mineshaft and its potential for collapse.

The study asks for 'further works' on this issue.

Action group member Alison Simcock, of Ash Tree Grove, said: “All our about the development are coming true - the noise, the mess, and the safety issues. We have years of this to contend with.

"It’s difficult enough being witness to the devastation of this once-peaceful corner of Pendle, without having to put up with potential public safety issues and apparent corner-cutting by the people who are supposed to be protecting us."

Neil Watson, Pendle Council’s planning manager, said: “Staff have frequently visited the site to monitor how it is operating and those visits have not revealed any significant problems.

“To ensure that a planning condition related to coal mining is met, information has been supplied to the Coal Authority.

“They have accepted that almost all issues have been dealt with to their satisfaction.

“There is currently one outstanding matter. We’re currently providing information to the Coal Authority to conclude this issue.”