HALLOWEEN is coming early to Clayton-le-Dale as Scare Kingdom Scream Park is hosting ‘Walpurgis Night’ in June.

The scream park will combines immersive theatre, horror and comedy with live scare actors and special effects for a truly chilling experience.

The event was originally meant to take place in May but had to be postponed due to coronavirus restrictions.

The ‘Walpurgis Night’ them is based on the 17th century Germanic ‘Walpurgisnacht’ festival – the night where witches and warlocks meet on May Day’s Eve.

Three entertainment experiences will be available for thrill seekers… and some are more terrifying than others.

Lancashire Telegraph: (Photo: Scare Kingdom Scream Park)(Photo: Scare Kingdom Scream Park)

Follow in the footsteps of mALICE as you enter Manormortis – Underland, a twilight world inhabited by a carnivorous caterpillar and an insane Hatter.  A hoard of deadly denizens await you as you navigate through 23 rooms in search of escape.

Investigate a strange case of old London town, as you pay a visit to Brimstone & Black’s notorious funeral parlour in Body Snatchers – The Highgate Vampire.  Making his roost in the old undertakers, the legendary blood-sucker is on the hunt for blood in this scare maze experience.

There is also an 18+ event called Psychomanteum - Dirty Weekend and ticket holders will be able to explore the grottiest b&b this side of Hell.

Lancashire Telegraph: Mrs Downson's Farm opening Walpurgis Night event (Photo: Scare Kingdom Scream Park)Mrs Downson's Farm opening Walpurgis Night event (Photo: Scare Kingdom Scream Park)

A licensed bar will also be available to calm your nerves and get some liquid courage to take on each scare experience.

Organisers say the Manormortis – Underland and Body Snatchers – The Highgate Vampire are most suitable for children age 10+.

A spokesperson for the team said: “The event is fully Covid compliant- we were able to run last Halloween will adhering to these restrictions.”

“We don’t yet know if the actors will be wearing masks- if they do have to wear masks that isn’t a problem and some have been made by our special effects team.”

When and where does the scare event take place?

This event will take place on 5 June at Mrs Dowson’s Farm Park, Longsight Road, Clayton-le-Dale, Ribble Valley.

 It is situated off the M6, on the A59, Preston to Clitheroe route, and on-site free parking is available.

How much are tickets and how can I get one?

Best value tickets are available online and cost £13.00 (plus bf) per body.

Tickets can also be purchased on the door at £15.00.

Tickets grant access to Manormortis – Underland and Body Snatchers – The Highgate Vampire. 

Psychomanteum – Dirty Weekend is also available to guests aged 18 and over for an extra charge of £6.00 per body.

Get your tickets at the following website:www.scarekingdom.com/walpurgis-night.

Will you be attending Walpurgis Night?