A DISQUALIFIED driver who crashed into another car has been arrested for intent to supply Class A drugs.

Police officers in Pendle first noticed the driver behaving suspiciously on Sunday.

The suspicious driver tried to evade the officers when they attempted to intercept him, however he then crashed into another parked vehicle and was forced to try to escape on foot.

A police spokesperson said: "Officers gave chase and witnessed the male throw and item into a nearby garden, before being detained.

"Following an area search a package containing a significant amount of suspected Class A drugs was recovered.

"The driver was also drug wiped to which they tested positive for cannabis and cocaine."

The man was then arrested for possession with intent to supply Class A drugs, disqualified driving, dangerous driving and driving whilst unfit through drugs.

The spokesperson said: "We will continue to target those people involved in the supply of drugs."

Anyone concerned about drug crime in their areas can sign up to Lancashire Talking at: https://www.stayintheknow.co.uk/.