The driver of a Ford Transit van was arrested after he ran away from police, in a productive evening for the rural taskforce.

Rural officers in Whitworth, Rossendale were patrolling the area on Saturday night, after being tipped-off about cross border Ford vehicle thefts.

In one incident they attempted to stop the driver of a Transit van on two occasions before he fled the vehicle into woodland.

Police caught up with the man and arrested him on suspicion of vehicle theft and a number of driving offences.

In a separate incident, a VW Golf on false plates also failed to stop for the police before crashing into bollards with the driver escaping.

Another Golf was spotted and pulled by officers, with the driver reported for having no insurance before a search of an Audi A3 led police to uncover a quantity of cannabis.

A spokesperson for the police said: "Rural officers and response officers were last night in the Whitworth area in response to cross border Ford vehicle thefts and had a pretty productive evening.

"This Transit van, pictured, failed to stop twice for officers and the driver was arrested - after running off into a wooded area - for vehicle theft and driving offences.

"A VW Golf on false plates also failed to stop for police and eventually crashed into some bollards. The driver made his escape however his time will come again.

"Another VW Golf sighted, this time with no insurance. The driver reported for said offence.

"A search of an Audi A3 found a quantity of cannabis on the passenger. This was dealt with at the roadside.

"High visibility and pro-active policing has prevented any overnight reported vehicle thefts or burglaries (apart from the one in the picture where male was arrested).

"Targeting of this area will continue."