A SCHOOL is fundraising to revamp a playing field for both pupils and the public.

Staff at Coates Lane Primary School have launched a GoFundMe page to create a path around the edge of the field so it can be used for daily walks.

The Barnoldswick school has more than 200 pupils and they hope to make the space more accessible on the rainy days when the ground becomes boggy.

Headteacher Sarah White said they had originally planned to renovate the field for the pupils at the school some years ago.

Unfortunately they hit several failed attempts at fundraising and now, having seen how many people were using the field in lockdown, they want to make it an accessible place for pupils and the public. 

Mrs White said: “I am hoping that we do get to the £3,000 - I am not sure we will get it but just anything we will be grateful for.

“It just means for our pupils and our community, all year round, the field will be usable.

“With the pandemic, some people took the opportunity to get outside and do a lot of exercise.”

The school team is looking to improve outdoor learning and currently have reception teacher Nicola Boon completing a forest training programme which will allow the school to teach the children more outdoor skills.

Mrs White added: “It’s so important that kids go out and exercise every day and we are quite an advocate of outdoor learning and sport.

“It fits in with our ethos and I do want it to happen.”

Since announcing the fundraiser, the GoFundMe page has raised over £300 and the school has received a number of other donations - some monetary and some raffle prizes to help in other fundraising bids.

The school is planning on using a variety of fundraising techniques including a raffle, with hopes they may raise enough to even install benches around the field.

If you would like to donate, you can visit the GoFundMe page here.