AN Eco industry solutions company has introduced innovative air-purification to eliminate the risk of coronavirus being spread through the air in workplaces.

Businessmen Eddie Black from Scotland and Darren Cardwell from Clitheroe have come together to form the company and push for the TAC V+ and AirgoClean One mobile air purifiers around the country.

Mr Cardwell, 52-years-old, runs the Clitheroe base, where he has already got his staff back into the office, thanks to the highly effective air-purifiers.

He said: "We are quite good friends and during the pandemic, we were talking, and I said I want to get people back in offices, there has got to be solutions for it.

"We wanted something for the future, because we knew when Coronavirus would settle, it would not simply be business as usual.

"And I wanted my own staff back into the office for their wellbeing as well, they all missed it."

The two best friends then found a German company, who held the TAC V+ and AirgoClean One products and asked them to become their strategic partners and main distributors in the UK.

Mr Cardwell said: They are incredibly far advanced than here in the UK and have been doing this for years.

So, we invested and have fitted the purifiers in our offices, which has made a huge difference for us.

Unless you work in an office with one, you won’t realise how amazing it works

The staff have reportedly not felt drowsy and have not had so much as a cold since the purifier was installed.

Both systems remove airborne pollutants without generating any dangerous ions, ozone or UV radiation, making them safe, healthy and effective clean air solutions.

Mr Cardwell said: “In the summer you can open a window, but not in the winter and I have read hospitals opening windows are making the patients cold and ill.

“The air in our office is changed eight times per hour so the aerosol cannot live at all, which makes it 95% clean and nobody has caught Covid-19 here since.”

Mr Cardwell also runs three other businesses, including lift company Axxes2 and a Garden Room centre.

When the pandemic first hit, Mr Cardwell worried about his business empire and was ready to retire prior to it, but ultimately the lockdowns ignited a new passion for work.

After leaving school, Mr Cardwell started working as a lift engineer in Clitheroe, before starting his first company, Axxes2 at 24-years-old.

The second base of Ecois is run by Mr Black in Carlyle. To find out more visit their website.