IF you are an avid cyclist in Lancashire, you might want to pay attention to this article.

Using Crash Map, we can reveal the accident hotspots in East Lancashire for cyclists.

The app uses official data from The Department of Transport, which it then inputs onto an interactive map.

It shows you where ‘fatal’, ‘serious’ and ‘slight’ driving collisions have taken place in your area.

We have already looked at the most dangerous roads in Blackburn, with Elton Road and Billinge End Road among the areas with the highest number of incidents in 2020.

Now it is time to focus our attention on cyclists and where the most collisions involving pedal cycles took place in the region last year.

According to the map, no accidents involving cyclists took place in Darwen last year- but other East Lancashire areas and boroughs weren't as fortunate.

Staying safe while cycling

The Lancashire Council website has compiled a list of the cycling routes in and around Lancashire.

To ensure you stay safe while cycling, consider following these tips and guidelines from road safety charity, Think!:

Advice for cyclists

  • Ride decisively and keep clear of the kerb.
  • Look and signal to show drivers what you plan to do, make eye contact where possible.
  • Avoid riding up the inside of vehicles, as you might not be seen. If a vehicle is indicating to the left hang back at the junction to reduce the risk of a collision.
  • Always use lights after dark or when visibility is poor. Wear high-visibility and reflective clothing and accessories at all times
  • Wear a correctly fitted cycle helmet that is securely fastened and conforms to current regulations.
  • Your local council can help you plan your journey by providing maps showing dedicated paths and routes.
  • Where possible, try to maintain social distancing when you cycle, for example when waiting at crossings and traffic lights.
  • Where using bikes (private, docked or dockless) wash your hands for at least 20 seconds or sanitise your hands before and after cycling.

Advice for drivers

  • If driving, you should anticipate more cyclists than usual, especially at peak times of day.
  • Look out for cyclists. Make eye contact where possible to show you have seen them. Use your indicators to signal intentions and look out for their signals.
  • Give cyclists plenty of space when overtaking them.
  • Always check for cyclists when opening your car door, pulling out at a junction, or when doing a manoeuvre.
  • Advanced stop lines at lights allow vulnerable road users (e.g. cyclists) to get to the front and increase their visibility. You must stop at the first white line reached if the lights are amber or red. When the green signal shows allow the other road user time and space to move off.
  • Allow other road users to maintain social distance, where possible. For example, give cyclists space at traffic lights. Public Health England recommends keeping a 2 metre distance from others, where possible.

Blackburn roads with collisions involving cyclists in 2020

Accidents in Blackburn

Jack Walker Way

Brimmicroft Interchange

Royshaw Avenue

Whalley New Road

Preston Old Road

Accidents in Burnley

Cornholme road between Burnley and Todmorden. Stephen White died at the age of 56 after he was involved in a collision with a van.


Two slight accidents in Westgate

Rossendale Road

Accidents in Hyndburn


High Street

Eagle Street


Fielding Lane

Blackburn Road/Thwaites Road

Riding Barn Street

Burnley Road/Norfolk Street

Accidents in Rossendale


Bury Road

Bacup Road

Lancaster Avenue


Haslingden Road

Dearden Gate

West View

Accidents in Pendle


Brunswick Street

Gibfield Road/Corporation Street roundabout


Vivary Way

Essex Street

Accidents in Ribble Valley


Bridge Road

Do you live near any of these cycling accident hotspots?