A shop in Darwen which has brought together four independent businesses has re-opened its doors in a new premises.

The Emporium has opened their doors to their new shop on Foundry Street, bringing together four independent businesses owners - Dressing Room 12; Christiana's; Loz's Personal Gifts and The Perfect Cushion; and Jade's.

Dressing Room 12, which sells women's fashion and accessories, is ran by Margaret Curwen, 68, who established the business on a stall in Darwen Market two years ago.

Margaret said: "I came up with the idea of the Emporium and everybody loves it because we have got such a lot in there."

When Margaret was in the three day market, her stall was set up next to Christine Whittaker, who runs Christiana's selling make-up and beauty products.

The pair moved into the main market hall and after working together for two years, they decided to set up their first shop on Duckworth Street in Darwen.

The businesses continued to grow and the pair brought in Lorraine who runs two small businesses, Loz's Personal Gifts and The Perfect Cushion, and later Jade Philbin joined the group, with her small businesses in which she makes handmade unique gifts.

The group heard from their landlord who said they were selling the property after the pandemic hit so the group had to decide what to do with the business.

Margaret added: "We thought, what shall we do? Shall we give it up now with Covid and everything?

"Then Lorraine saw the shop we are in now and we went to see it and sorted it out."

After signing the lease, the women have all worked together to get the shop open for Darreners to enjoy as retail was able to re-open on Monday.

The shop will also sell trinkets from other small local independent businesses.